TOP 3 Extreme Activities in Larnaca, Cyprus

It is believed that Larnaca is the “simplest” resort of Cyprus and it is a good place only for family vacation with kids or for elderly people. Yes, Larnaca is a calm and peaceful city with many historical attractions, but underneath its calmness and tranquility lays a huge potential of extreme hanging out!

MTB tours
Feel mountain biking passion! Find the joy of conquering peaks and downhill on the professional bikes!

Supplier: Bikin’Cyprus Adventures
Location: 8 Mina Antoniou str., CY7740, Tochni, Cyprus
Distance from Larnaca: 35.3 km

Mountain biking in Cyprus is the most affordable kind of extreme leisure. There are many interesting tours through the most picturesque places of the island that are organized by Bikin’Cyprus Adventures. All routes are divided into four types depending on its complexity and length and the physical fitness of rider. Even if this is your first acquaintance with mountain biking, you shouldn’t hesitate! Professional instructors will help you to make your first step in the exciting MTB world! More experienced riders can rent a bike and discover Larnaca surroundings by themselves. Rental price starts from 12 EUR for 1-3 days for the simplest bikes and from 23 EUR for the professional ones. It is worth noting that there is also an opportunity of renting a lightweight, durable bikes form Scott, including such models as SCOTT SCALE 960 and SCOTT GENIUS 740. They will not leave indifferent any MTB lover!

TOP 3 Extreme Activities in Larnaca, Cyprus

Scuba diving
Discover all the beauty of underwater world of Mediterranean Sea!

Supplier: Alpha Divers, Viking Divers, FreeDiver and others
Location: Larnaca, Cyprus

Diving in Larnaca is a very popular activity among tourists and this is the reason why there are a few diving centers in the city. All diving centers offer both introductory courses for beginners and advanced courses for experienced drivers. The most popular dive sight is the Swedish ferry “Zenobia”, which is in top ten most interesting wrecks for divers. The ferry impresses with its sizes. It’s not just large, it’s really enormous and it’ll take about six dives to exam only the surface of Zenobia. The ferry has a length of 172 meters and width of 23.4 meters. It sank with all its cargo on the 7th of June, 1980 in Larnaca Bay area. Nowadays, Zenobia is an artificial reef and a home for various inhabitants of the underwater world.

Get closer to the nature of Larnaca!

Maybe hiking isn’t the most extreme kind of activity, but it’s definitely one of the most interesting kinds of outdoor leisure for people of all ages. The hiking equipment you should have depends on the complexity and length of the route, but GPS navigator and car rental vehicle are integral part of any hike. GPS for better orientation in unfamiliar terrain conditions and car rental vehicle as the most convenient way of getting to the start point of the route. Hiking in Larnaca is a real adventure and excellent way to get acquainted with new people or to learn more about old friends.

How to travel in Larnaca?

When you plan a holiday in Larnaca, you should think about booking a car. It has many advantages:

– With car you can visit attractions not only in the city itself, but also in the neighborhood.
– Your vehicle is a great way of getting to the start point of hiking or MTB route, especially when you want to bring your own bike or travel with the company of friends.

Check out rental cars at Larnaca Airport.

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