7 business models that inspire you before undertaking

Do you have in mind the idea of starting a business but do not know which model perform? Do I need a strategic plan? The answer to both questions is … yes! As an entrepreneur or business leader, you must define the model and business plan that you will continue to see firsthand what your DNA. That is, you need to know what you are going to offer to the market, what kind of customers, how are you going to make and sell and how going to generate income.

So, if you are not yet clear which model best fits your business expectations, here we give these seven examples that may interest you before you launch your business idea…

7 business models that inspire you before undertaking

1. Freemium

This business model works by offering basic services for free while charging for other more advanced or special. It has become more popular in companies whose business is related to Web 2.0.

2. Long tail

Also known as Long tail is the opposite of the traditional business models model: instead of offering few products and sell many, the long tail is focused on providing a wide variety of products that will sell relatively few units, but that the sum of this small number of sales can be very profitable.

3. Peer to peer (P2P)

This business model is based on the exchange or sale of products and / or services among individuals and / or companies at the same level.

4. Membership Model

In this case, the sale or service of a product is based on the recommendation of one another, ie, the undertaking concerned establishes some kind of reward for providers, individuals or other businesses that get attract customers to their products and / or services .

5. Crowdsourcing

This business model is born as a tool to outsource a number of tasks and jobs using industry professionals, thus better results and fewer time solutions are obtained massive communities, thus increasing cost savings.

6. Franchise

It is a good job opportunity for those who want to start their career in the business world and start your company. It is to replicate the same business in different locations, allowing other people or companies that exploit their brand image, its products or services, under the supervision of the business owner in exchange for royalties.

7. Subscription Model

Instead of closing each time a sale to market a product or service, the business model based on subscription, the customer pays for access to a product or service with a fixed and prearranged basis.