Help on moving elderly relatives into your home

At some point in our lives, it can sometimes be the case that we need to be the ones to start caring for our parents. For many people, this can mean moving their elderly parents into the family home. This is a difficult step, and a lot of things should be considered beforehand in order to make sure that this works as smoothly as possible for all those involved.

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One of the first things to think about is the amount of room that you have in your home. If you are planning on having someone with reduced mobility to live with you, ground floor accommodation is better – you may need to add some space to your home.

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It is also good to sit down with everyone and discuss arrangements in plenty of advance if possible. Speak about all the people concerned and how their daily lives may be adjusted – if people have questions or problems it is important that all of these are addressed to ensure that the living situation can work smoothly.

When creating a space for your elderly relative to move into, get as much input from them as possible so that they feel in control and still feel at home. Put up favourite pictures and ornaments in their living space so that they feel comforted surrounded by their own things.

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