Six ways to identify a high-quality wallet

A wallet is a personal item and makes a statement about who you are. It is also a style companion, so let’s take a look at six ways to ensure your wallet is the real deal.

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No cutting corners

If you are looking for a wallet, examine the edges and see whether they are rounded or square. Square corners are easier to manufacture but will rub against the fabric of your trouser pockets, creating more wear and tear.

Has it been designed well?

Pick up the wallet and look closely at the craftsmanship, which means looking at each cut and line of stitching. See whether the lines are straight and the stitching and pockets are parallel. Uneven stitching will be the sign of a poor-quality wallet.

What about the edges?

The edges should appear immaculate. A wallet will have been made with a cut edge that reveals the bare leather or with a rolled edge that has an inward fold. Regardless of how they have been designed, attention to detail is paramount.

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For the man who has exceptional taste, the brown Secrid wallet will fit the bill. Designed to the highest standards, the brown Secrid wallet is a go-to item for holding credit cards and cash.

Wallets have been around for many years. According to the Guardian, one man’s wallet was missing for 53 years in Antarctica! The story ends well, as he was reunited with it.

Look for quality stitching

Nylon or polyester is the type of sturdy stitching to look for. The sewing pattern of the stitching should also be well done. There should be two parallel lines of stitching or a crisscross pattern to ensure the wallet remains robust.

How does the leather feel?

A high-quality leather wallet will last for years. It will cost more; however, it is worth paying more for a trusted product that has plenty of longevity. Don’t be fooled by faux leather.

How thick is your wallet?

Low-quality wallets can look thicker than they are, so it is best to educate yourself on how to identify a classy wallet from a cheaper faux leather version. Thin material will not keep a good shape.