Sleeping beauty diet: analysis of miracle diets

At our disposal every time we have more fad diets and with proposals that never cease to amaze me as in this case, the diet of the sleeping beauty that today we place under the magnifying glass and analyze it as we have done with various miracle diets .

What is the diet of the sleeping beauty?

The diet of the sleeping beauty, also known as the pillow diet consists basically of encouraging sleep or sleeping more to eat less . Thus, the diet is not in itself a diet but a proposal to lose weight in a different way: taking sedatives or sleeping pills to sleep more and thus, reduce food intake.

It has become very famous on the Internet and has also been made known on English television and due to a Mexican novel , arguing that if sleeping little generates obesity, sleeping much more can be a good method to lose weight .

It does not indicate time to follow the diet, or the food to be taken during waking hours, but only mentions that the key is to sleep more by going to different resources, among which are sleeping pills or sedatives ( specify which) and so, eat less without much effort .

There is no identified author of the diet of the sleeping beauty and despite its great popularity in recent times, its rules are not clear but there is much information, often contradictory .

Diet errors of the sleeping beauty

The attractive name of this diet already makes us think of one of the characteristics of miracle diets as well as its great popularity in magazines, websites and on television without finding an author or a professional behind it.

Its unclear rules but the temptation to lose weight sleeping more and without much effort also refer us to fad or miracle diets, even more if we think that includes the possibility of going to pills to promote sleep something that is not free from side effects and It can generate, among other things, addiction .

In addition, although sleeping little can promote the development of obesity , sleeping a lot is also not advisable but the excess of sleep can also alter biological rhythms and lead to weight gain, especially if that excessive rest is associated with a very poor calorie intake .

The body feels threatened, it is placed in “saving mode” and the metabolism is considerably reduced being able to cause a rebound effect in the long term as well as more hunger and less satiety due to alteration of hormones such as leptin or ghrelin .

For all this and above all, because it is not a diet that helps us achieve an effective modification of habits to lose weight taking care of current and future health, the diet of the sleeping beauty is a miracle diet that we should avoid if we really want to achieve a healthy weight