Some myths about nutrition during the summer

We are in the summer, but it never hurts to brush up on some of the more nutritional myths that spread among the population. Today we pay special attention to some myths that sound a lot especially in summer.

Surely many of you have suffered endless digests more than two hours before we could go to the pool or sea water, but is it really necessary to wait that long?

Cuts digestion to take a bath

First, we must consider several elements, but the most important is that digestion is a process that our body does not begin and end quickly. Digestion begins in your mouth and ends in the intestine, where food we eat disintegrate.

But the entire digestive process, it really is in the stomach where it carries out most of the process. When food is in the stomach, the food so that reduction in reducing what we get are the nutrients that eventually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Some myths about nutrition during the summerAfter this process, there is what we know as gastric emptying for the cud pass into the intestine. When food is in the stomach, it needs blood flow in the area, which usually causes bloating and fullness thereof.

A cut of digestion can occur for many reasons, not have to be necessarily to take a bath, however, true that a sudden change in temperature can cause a cut of digestion.

Still, not wait two or three hours we will avoid cutting digestion. If food has been abundant, and the body needs more time to digest, even two hours can be scarce, or not. What is important to avoid cutting digestion is to introduce water slowly and not make excessive efforts if we are not used, but do not have to wait two hours or three to bathe.

Sleep after eating fattening

Apparently there is some media are indicating that sleep after eating fattening. Obviously this is nonsense, and if you think about it, makes absolutely no sense.

Our body will work equally if we sleep or if we stay awake, thus, take a little nap after eating will not cause our body to store the food we eat as fat.

For our body to store fat we eat more calories of our body spends throughout the day, and it will not depend on whether or not sleep right after eating.

In fact, it is completely normal for us between sleep after eating, especially if the food has been high in carbohydrates, because the effects these have on our body, so if we can take a nap, your body will thank you , then and we will be active the day .

Eat fruit after fattening food

Among the most famous myths also found that eating the fruit after fattening food. As we always say, what will cause fatten or not, will be the overall calorie count that nominator during the day, in addition to the origin of these, because the body is not just mathematics.

We have said on countless occasions, we cannot limit ourselves only to think of kilocalories and that is not equal 200Kcal from industrial bakery, which a plate of vegetables and fruits, however, when it comes to losing fat, kilocalories also feature.

However, as we mentioned in the headline, the fact that eating fruit after fattening food is a myth. The moment we eat fruit will not determine that fatten. In the same way it is a myth to think that together proteins and carbohydrates in one meal fat.

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