Why Clinical Trials are so Useful

As we have recently seen in the news, clinical trials are essential when it comes to finding safe and effective new ways to treat illnesses. Although coronavirus has dominated the headlines lately, there are many clinical trials going on such as these adaptive phase 1 studies by Richmond Pharmacology – they can be used to look into a wide range of treatments for illnesses such as cancer and dementia.

Clinical trials are a great way for doctors to get a closer look at other things related to the disease also. Some of these include:

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Causes of illness – They can see if there is something that increases the chances of developing a certain illness – for example, it is known that smokers have higher chances of contracting lung cancer.

Prevention – Sometimes this can also lead to doctors being able to advise how we may be able to prevent developing some illnesses. There may be things that we do which increase our risks that we can cut out or at least cut down on to increase our chances of good health.

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Diagnosis – Another important part of dealing with illnesses, is a quick diagnosis. By studying the illness more closely in a clinical trial, doctors may also be able to find new ways of getting a quicker diagnosis and then be in with a better chance of getting rid of the illness, or at least being able to slow down its progress.