5 Things to Do Before You Move Into Your New House

Moving house is stressful and hectic to say the least. There is a lot to remember, move and organise. However, there are some things that if you forget, you’d be quick to realise because you probably took them for granted in your old house. I’ll share five of these important things to do before you move into your new house to help you have a smooth transition.

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  1. Contact your gas and electricity provider, as well as your water provider, to tell them your move out/in date. This will make bills a lot simpler to work out and will avoid you having to pay extra, or go without hot water and heating!
  2. Contact your Wi-Fi provider. If you and the people you are moving with are avid internet users, like most humans are right now, you’ll want to sort out your Wi-Fi well in advance. That is because, and I know from experience, that if you don’t tell the company that provides you with internet well enough in advance when you’re going to move, you’ll probably have to wait about a month without internet for them to install it.

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  1. Unless you only watch TV via streaming on the internet, you’ll probably want to install a TV aerial so you can watch more of a variety of live TV on your television. If you’re looking for someone who installs TV aerials Swansea, I recommend One Vision Ltd.
  2. If you are moving a lot of items, you’ll probably want to hire a removal company to help you. You have to book the removal date in advance.
  3. Lastly, just before you move in, you’ll have to register to pay council tax in your new area as well as redirect your mail.

Hopefully this list of things to do before you move into your new house will help you feel more organised and confident that everything will go as planned.