Boiler maintenance of your home

How to purge the radiator? When the cold arrives initially, we do not stop to focus on the heat of the home, but when the frosts come in and hover around zero degrees, then we do look at that small individual that comes alive and important on this date after being gone for months, our view did not see it.

Those who live in old houses, for example in the center of or any capital, know that the radiators accompany us in these cold days as an essential partner in the fight against the fall of the thermometer.

Then, we realize that one of them does not heat the same, makes noises. The purge is easy, you have to have a bucket or a bucket and a screwdriver, even pliers, because some older radiators have the key in the form of a nut.

The issue is to get the air out of the radiator, with that key you open the water pipe, with a screwdriver you have to turn that key to the left, the bucket is for the water that will come out, not much, but it is better to be cautious, you can let some water jump with air.

When you see that water comes out without bubbles, you can close it carefully, do not squeeze it too much, it can happen and they are usually old appliances, especially in attics and apartments in the old areas of the city.

You have to put the heating before proceeding to this action to know exactly which ones work worse, but in any case it is better that you do it in all, so you will have the assurance that they are going well.

You can turn off the boiler, and wait to turn it on again, here is important the maintenance of your heating device, because you depend on it to shower and have a pleasant temperature.

This type of heat by hot water, is very appreciated by many, others see it old, but, in fact, it provides certain degrees of humidity, it is not as dry as air conditioning. The pumps, in fact, have us all year long releasing air, cold in summer and hot in winter, dry our skin, eyes and often cause headaches.

The personal maintenance of the boiler is not complicated as you see and you will certainly save on your monthly winter expenses. Apart from purging the radiators, you have to be aware of the pressure, you will see that it has an indicator, a blue part that the needle should not pass through, if so, it is that you have put too much water, you can graduate it and leave it a little below that top line, because the boilers, depending on the heat they emit, can vary that pressure.

They also exist in all the companies and annual maintenance contract, they come once a year and they review everything. However, if you have a fault, you are charged for labor and parts, depending on the type of contract that each house has. But this type of maintenance is easy and recommended to keep that small detail controlled. Always keep that pressure balanced, and without radiators air, you will see how everyone works and warm your home on these cold nights.

You will save time and money. Happy and warm dreams.