Improving security with new garage doors

Your garage door can be a huge security risk, so it is essential to make sure it is in good shape to help protect your home. There are many things to consider when looking for a garage door, especially security.

Garages come with a wide variety of buildings, and all have different security needs. They not only store vehicles either and can be used as offices or storage space. This type of usage means that there are things of high value being kept in your garage, and a greater risk of them being stolen. Garages often also have a way into the main house, posing another security risk.

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The first thing you must consider is the price. How much you are willing to spend impacts the type of door you’re likely to purchase. There are quite a number of door types that are available. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but the security they offer is what is vital.

A good lock is the first thing to look out for so consider adhering to the industry standard Euro cylinder lock with internal handle and locking rods. Roll-up garage doors have a locking mechanism which differs and contains a variety of components that make it operate. If the lock is secure, you will need to check the hardware of the door. Sometimes it is possible to cut plastic with a sharp knife to gain access to the internal lock.

Independent garages are usually built with bricks and pose less of a risk to the safety of the main property. Some will have a pedestrian and a vehicle door. Some will also have windows. They are usually set back from the street a little bit which is generally considered safer than other types of garages. For help with new Essex Garage Doors, visit a site like Lime BDS, a leading Essex Garage Doors supplier.

Attached garages are often constructed of the same materials as the main dwelling it is attached to. With this garage, there can often be a door leading directly into the house. If you have a garage attached to a modern home, it is common to have a door between the garage and the house. You must ensure that the door interconnection is fire resistant and will maintain this protection for 30 mins at least and that they are tested to BS 476 Part 22 standards. This standard is required by regulators and construction of the door must also be self-closing. If you find you don’t have a fire-resistant door, then consider installing one that is.

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When looking to improve the safety features of your garage door, please contact a garage expert and do not try to improve them yourself. The retrofitting of locks can cause damage to safety systems and motor parts. The same can be applied to the installation of overhead doors.

Finally, there are some other small ways to improve the overall security of your garage. Always make sure that the vehicles inside are always locked. Add additional locks on the inside of garage doors for safety. Secure all windows you have and make sure to lock bikes or tools away that are stored inside.