Make Sure you get your Planning Application Right First Time

If you have decided that the best way forward for you is to build your own home rather than buying one, this is a great way to ensure that you get what you really want. But if this is all new to you and not something that you have ever done before, you may find that there are lots of things to deal with that can seem confusing and complicated.

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When you first decide to build your own home, the thing that you do to begin with is find yourself a plot of land – this can be difficult to find and you may have to make a few compromises depending on where in the country you are hoping to build and how much land you require.

Once this is done, the dreaded two words – planning permission – come into it! Although many people dread this, in fact many planning applications are not approved because of small errors rather than the council rejecting it.

Before you go into the world of planning permission requests do your research, check out what the policy is for building with your local council, as every council will have it’s own policy, and use planning maps to help you.

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Make sure that when you apply, you have read through everything and that your application for planning permission contains everything that you need, as if it does not it will be sent back and the whole proves will have to begin again and that is no fun for anyone!