Tips for decorating your kitchen diner

The kitchen diner is a highly significant family area in the home, and it is essential to get the right area in terms of plan and appearance. The following are some handy hints for designing the ideal family kitchen diner:

Size and Layout

If you are fortunate enough to have a renovation project on the go or constructing an extension, it is vital to spend some time thinking about both size and layout. A large rectangular or square room will benefit from an effective zoning plan, while an L-shaped space can provide a useful element of separation between cooking and eating areas while maintaining a fun open plan atmosphere. For Kitchen Showrooms Swindon, visit a site like MP Tiles who offer Kitchen Showrooms Swindon.

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A kitchen diner is a multi-functional space and thus requires a lighting set-up that is well-designed and perhaps more complicated. Different light layers are important, such as general ambient lighting, task lighting for cooking areas and perhaps some accent lighting to highlight any interesting features. Other activities taking place in this room as well, such as housework or hobbies will also need consideration in terms of lighting. Some additional lighting may also be required if the space is heavily used.

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Have a clear style in mind and opt for consistency in design. To create cohesion in a kitchen diner, choose a palette of complementary colours, materials and fabrics. Accent colours can be applied to help join the different zones together, for example. Symmetry and repetition are also an effective tool for binding together the different zones and creating better cohesion and flow.