4 facts you need to know about cat insurance

Pet insurance is quite a thorny subject for many, as it is much less hyped than ordinary insurance plans and hence many types of myths and suspicions surround this topic. This is mainly due to the ignorance of people and lack of awareness of the correct pet insurance providers in the market. Whether the pet is a cat, dog or a bird, pet insurance almost always has its uses. Hence it is meaningless to argue that pet insurance is simply a waste of money if claims are not made to it and that it would be a better idea to spend that amount on other ‘necessities’. Pets are much-loved creatures and pet owners dote on them and treat them like one of their family members, thus there is absolutely no question of depriving them of insurance coverage. On the other hand, pet insurance bills must not be so high that they threaten to drain the entire family income at one go. Naturally, these questions always arise in the minds of individuals who wish to take the decision of choosing an appropriate pet insurance policy.

Facts to understand

Some common facts regarding pet insurance and also understand the importance behind the same.

  1. Myth1: Pet insurance is expensive and a total money waste.
    1. Fact: Cats have quite a fragile balance of health and a lot of time and attention goes in their care, especially when they are a few months old in the kitten stage. During this time they tend to be extremely curious and swallow all kinds of rubber bands and woolen balls. Thus they become highly prone to allergies and urinary infections. As they are very delicate when young, this is when they need extra protection in the form of a proper insurance coverage. Pet insurance is cheaper than one may think and is a wise investment as they always ensure better quality veterinary check -up for cats.
  1. Myth 2: Hardly anyone enrolls for pet insurance policies and these are just scams designed to fool people and extort money by all means
    1. Fact: Most pet owners in the Western World are divided into two categories, the ‘dog people’ and the ‘cat people’. Millions of people enroll for insurance policies every year and invest lump sums of money to ensure adequate coverage for their adorable cats and kittens. The best thing about insurance policies is the availability of easy premiums. One can opt for low cost ones as well as extravagant ones.
  1. Myth 3: Pet insurance providers are difficult to find and making claims is all a matter of luck
    1. Fact: Nowadays internet itself providers all kinds of contact details of authentic and experienced pet insurance providers. Thus evaluation is extremely easy and usually just a click away. In case of making claims, this job is done by the pet doctors themselves.
  1. Myth 4: Insurance providers require incessant medical checkups before offering insurance coverage.
    1. Fact: Cat insurance plans cover mainly costs regarding future medical benefits. This is important because as cats age, they tend to be afflicted by congenital disorders which may cost a fortune if paid through conventional means.