5 Ways That You’re Accidentally Damaging Your Wooden Floor

Wooden floors have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. However, many home owners have no idea how they should be looking after them – even though they might have invested heavily in their stylish interiors.


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Getting your flooring right not only gives a beautiful finish, but can also add value to your home if you ever chose to sell up. Here we cover some of the most common ways wooden floors are damaged and how to avoid them.


A vacuum’s rotating brushes are abrasive and can cause damage to wooden floors. To avoid unwanted scrapes, attach your vacuum’s floor brush or simply disable the brush roll. You’ll also want to vacuum your floors on a regular basis as grit, dirt and dust can cause unsightly scrapes.


You’ve probably spent hours agonising about the perfect colour of your floor before opting for the right kind of wood for you. However, too much exposure to natural light can change the colour of floors. Therefore, keep the blinds closed when the sun is at its must powerful to avoid bleaching or drying out your wood.


Many people will mop their wooden floors on a regular basis, but this is actually damaging. You should only wet clean your floors every one to two months and make do with spot cleans when you can. Similarly, choose your cleaning liquid wisely and when you do need to mop use a damp mop – not a wet one. A good online flooring company, such as http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/, will sell the proper after care appropriate for your flooring.

Sharp Objects

It goes without saying that sharp objects can puncture or scratch your beautiful wood floors. To avoid unwanted marks remove high-heeled shoes before walking on the wood and make sure you keep your pets’ claws trimmed.

Rug Pads

Rubber pads and rubber-backed mats can spoil your floor’s finish by dulling its shine and, in some cases, even lead to discolouration. In order to protect your wood floor, use felt pads that will keep your rug in place without damaging your flooring.

So, by following these simple rooms you can ensure you get the most out of your investment and your stylish wooden floors can be enjoyed for years to come.