Choosing the best lighting for your bathroom

When you think of bathrooms, you probably imagine different types of tubs, toilets, sinks and maybe tiling or mirrors. We probably don’t think about bathroom lighting initially. However, we should because to create a thoroughly stylish and flowing interior design, different areas of the bathroom should benefit from different lighting but in a cohesive fashion. Confused? Read on to find out how this is done:

  1. The Side-Mounted Sconce

This design offers one of the best options for bathrooms as they are so versatile. You can place them either side of a mirror, over a mirror or directly onto a mirror with shades set at eye-level. These lights offer great task lighting for actions you need to complete in front of a mirror like make-up or hair for example. For all your Bathroom Furniture Northern Ireland needs, visit

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  1. Three Layers

Bathrooms benefit the most from having three light layers to really enhance their looks. Ideally, you’ll need the kind of task lighting mentioned above, along with ambient light such as pendants or chandeliers and accent lighting which is designed for highlighting special features like architecture or décor. If you think of your bathroom in these three steps, the lighting you require will become clearer.

  1. Pendants Add Elegance

If you don’t fancy putting more sconces in your bathroom, pendant lighting offers a stylish alternative. They are ideal for a vanity and can be used as either accent or ambient lighting.

  1. Matching Finishes

Of course, it’s not essential that all your lighting must match, such as wall sconces in the same finish as the overhead fixtures. However, for the overall cohesion of the aesthetic, maintaining the same finish will create more unity in the room’s overall design.

  1. Don’t Forget the Tub

The tub area is the perfect space for some beautiful ambient lighting so don’t overlook the opportunity to create a special mood in that area. Ambient lighting will make a more soothing, intimate environment that is almost impossible to achieve with overhead lighting fixtures.

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  1. For Versatility Choose Brass or Chrome

If you want to create a cohesive look with ease, then focus your efforts on choosing brass or chrome accessories for your bathroom as they complement everything in terms of décor.

  1. The Size of your Bathroom

Your lighting choices will be influenced by how much space you have to play with. A large bathroom can showcase a grand pendant light or chandelier, making it feel like a 5-star luxury hotel. As not many of us can boast having a palatial bathroom, thankfully there is a massive range of lighting options, including mini chandeliers that can be fitted to complement a small bathroom.