Cold Room benefits for you

Cold rooms keep items at cool temperatures, making them perfect for storing perishable items. Here are four advantages of chillers.

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1. A Wide Range of Uses

The temperature of a cold room can be adjusted from a low of minus thirty degrees Celsius up to plus thirty degrees Celsius, so it serves either as a drying room or to control moisture content or as a blast freezer.

As they are airtight, these units protect your goods from external weather changes and extreme temperatures. Also, they have an application as a dehumidifier.

2. Customise Sizes and Settings

You can customise units to meet your need. If you don’t want a unit that keeps your items frozen, refrigeration will ensure that they are cool and dry. There is an array of shapes and sizes to choose from – both portable and stationary units.  The great thing is you can customise where your products go inside the cold room and where you want to put your garage shelving to hold all the products up off the floor from sites like

  1. Finding an Efficient Place

A cold room can pose space and storage challenges: coolers inside may get in the way of cooking and food preparation. They occupy a lot of space and can also raise temperatures due to the extra heat produced by fans and compressors.

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If a cold storage room is employed outside the building, this additional heat is eliminated. Noise levels can be banished like this too.

4. Back-up Capabilities and Accessibility

Walk in Cold Rooms can provide added protection for your goods. If the electricity supply looks under threat, simply move everything into your cold storage area. The temperature will remain constant and low due to the airtight nature of the cold room,

The shelving in cold rooms can be customised to meet your storage needs – wire shelving racks are adaptable and enable your products to be surrounded by fresh air. Racks which are free-standing may be moved around according to your wishes.

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5. Save Money

The benefits of a walk in cold room to businesses include that you will save money, since produce will not spoil as it would in a normal environment. The controlled temperature and moisture levels help to extend the life of the goods, minimising waste – ideal if you grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Cold rooms may also be employed to keep staples such as sugar, flour and canned goods for longer.