Common lawn mower problems

At some point in time, almost every owner of a lawn mower will go to power up their mower only to hear it splutter as the engine cuts out.

One of the most common causes is a dirty filter so use the owner’s manual to determine where the filter is. Remove the filter and clean it. If the filter is very dirty it may need to be replaced. It is one of the most inexpensive lawn mower parts to replace.

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Another way to fix a power issue on a lawn mower is to clean the blades. Always refer to the owner’s manual and use the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the mower blades.

Smoking – This is one of the most shocking issues to witness and most will assume that the engine has expired or might explode! Thankfully though, the problem is usually not too serious. Often smoke appears when the chamber which holds the oil is too full. Check to see if this is the problem. When the mower is off and has cooled, check the oil chamber for possible leaks. The problem may be that the cap is not on tight enough. If it looks like you’ll require replacement parts, it’s simple to find them online. For Briggs and Stratton Parts, visit a site like

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Rarely, smoke may be a sign of a serious problem. If the smoke is a light colour or completely white and the machine is not running, it probably needs to be looked at by a mower repair professional.