Creating the Perfect Summer Punch

No summer barbecue is complete without a cold and refreshing pitcher of fruit punch. Any punch on its own is a great way to keep cool in the summer heat, but it is also an incredible pairing for any grilled barbecue fare.

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Whether you need something cool, crisp and refreshing to pair with a nice smoky cut of grilled chicken or something bright and tangy as a treat for yourself on hot summer days, there is certainly a great summer punch recipe for you.

What Punch to Serve at a Barbecue

When you are serving drinks at a barbecue, you’ll want something simple enough to make so that you can easily serve a large crowd; it has to be enjoyed by a large number of guests, and it has to be refreshing against the heat of the summer. Although you can’t go wrong with nearly any fruit punch for a summer barbecue, it is smart to consider one with a light and crisp flavor, nothing too heavy so that it will pair nicely with traditionally heavier barbecue fare. Try any one of these great recipes for inspiration here, or your favorite food recipe site.

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Light and Refreshing Summer Punches

For something to really quench thirst in the heat of the summer, ingredients with more subtle flavors like watermelon or cucumber can be incredibly refreshing. To really wow at your own barbecue, consider making a punch with this rather unlikely pairing.

Depending on your level of expertise in the kitchen, you have a few options here. For an incredibly simple option, optimal for making large quantities, simply pick up a prepared watermelon juice, preferably one with real watermelon and without too many added sweeteners. Step two is to simply slice some English cucumber to go directly into the punch mixture. Lastly, you will need lemon-lime flavored sparkling water. This recipe is meant to be simple and flexible, so feel free to tweak proportions as you wish, but a base of one-part watermelon juice, one-part lemon-lime sparkling water, and one sliced cucumber is a well-balanced way to start. If you would prefer a non-carbonated option, replace the sparkling lemon-lime water with an equal proportion of water and the juice of one lemon and one lime. For more great summer drinks, and tasty recipes, check out the link below.