Does your marketing team have these essential qualities?

Your company’s marketing team might not be very big – in fact, it might be tiny – but the individuals should be able to cover some essential qualities to ensure its effectiveness. Strong communication is a given, enabling ideas to be communicated not only amongst the team but also between key stakeholders and, more importantly, the customers.

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Teamwork and leadership

The best results of a marketing department come when the individuals gel and work as a team. Any team needs a leader, so strong leadership is another vital quality – someone who can gel the members together and steer them towards a common goal. Someone needs to make the decisions and take responsibility.


Marketing is about balancing strategic marketing with tactical responses and being totally flexible. To cope with and adjust to rapid changes, the individuals and the team must be determined. The team members must work together to overcome obstacles and find alternative solutions as required.


The world of marketing and communications is changing rapidly; therefore, people need to be able to keep pace. The easiest way of doing this is to employ specialists, such as someone with an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, or to use contractors or agencies. This might be a Drupal design agency, such as, or a freelance PR consultant.

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As with any team in any department, a marketing team is not going to be perfect all the time. The best teams will be accountable; for example, when mistakes are made, the team will admit them and propose a plan to make up for them and move forwards.

Coordination and integration

The best marketing team will always have a plan. The activity will be a collection of ideas from several different individuals, with campaigns integrated across media platforms. Team members will support each other and take on additional responsibilities when required and appropriate.

The Marketing Score has lots of information on the key qualities needed by an effective marketing team. Check this out and see how your team compares.

To get it right, analyse the current situation in your team and adjust as necessary. Holes can often be filled with additional training rather than additional headcount. It takes time and effort to get a team working well together, but this invariably pays dividends.