Easy ways to upgrade your home

If you’re looking to sell your property, there are some quick and simple fixes that can really help you maximise the value of your home.

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Give your home kerb appeal

Sweep the drive, weed the flowerbeds, mow the lawn, fix that fence – in fact all those niggly little garden jobs you keep telling yourself you’ll get round to, need to be done now. You’ll also need to paint any window frames and doors if necessary and generally make your home look as inviting as possible because first impressions count.

Repair any visible damage

Look for broken roof tiles, guttering that’s past its best, cracked window panes and make a thorough inspection of the fabric of your house and have any obvious repairs dealt with before you have your photos done.

Lighten up

A home flooded with natural light is very appealing to buyers so get your windows cleaned and replace heavy window treatments with translucent blinds or thin voile curtains that let the light in. Energy efficient lights make all the difference to dark rooms if you’re selling in the winter.

Keep it neutral

Give everywhere a coat of white or neutral paint, and pay attention to carpets and floors. Consider a cheap replacement for particularly old and grubby carpet, and have the rest of the carpets cleaned thoroughly. Consider sanding and refinishing wooden floors and make sure they’re spotless before you have any viewings. Remember, your prospective buyer may ask for a discount if your floors or carpets don’t come up to scratch.

Upgrade your tech

Extra sockets are a smart and cost-effective upgrade and it pays to add a few USB charging sockets, too. If you’re looking to upgrade Tewkesbury TV aerial installation then you could contact a company like http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/satellite-repair-installation-gloucester/ to fine tune your TV installation as another plus point in your house details.

Get free insulation

You may be eligible for free loft and cavity wall insulation through the Government’s, which is a smart way to get your home a great energy rating without spending a penny.

Take security measures

Some simple safety precautions like a chain on the door or motion sensor lights around the property may be welcomed by your prospective buyers. But don’t go too far with CCTV and a high fence or they’ll begin to wonder how safe the neighbourhood is.