Five lighting trends for 2020

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a welcoming home, but it is often overlooked. The right lighting can improve any space, even making the darkest corners appear cosy and inviting. If you need to revamp your lighting, here are the top lighting trends for 2020.

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Natural wood finishes

Think minimally treated wood used as rustic lamp bases or light fittings. Rather than smooth, heavily polished or varnished wood being used for lamp bases, expect to see wood that appears more raw and natural. Wood is always a popular material in the home but it’s not always been all that commonly used for lamps. That’s likely to change this year as the trend for wooden light fixtures gains in popularity.


Popular because they use so little power and last for so long, LEDs are still going to be big news in 2020. According to SF Gate,, one of the reasons they are popular is because they only shine in one direction, meaning they waste very little power. Expect to see innovative designs making use of these eco-friendly little lights.


Copper and brass have been big news in interiors for a few years now and classic metal finishes look to remain popular for a little longer. The cage-style metal light fixtures that have been so fashionable recently are showing no signs of disappearing just yet so there should still be plenty to choose from if this is a trend you’re particularly keen on.

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Minimalistic designs

Clean lines and simple designs are still set to be one of the biggest trends in lighting. Expect to see downlighting increase in popularity again this year – it’s perfect for a sleek, minimal finish as it can sit flush against the ceiling. Downlight covers can help ensure your lights are more energy efficient. These downlight covers from Thermahood Direct, for example, can reduce heat loss and even reduce draughts.

Vintage-look bulbs

You’ve probably seen these vintage-style bulbs all over the place and they are still very popular for 2020. One of the reasons is that they add a soft, attractive glow while also adding interest to simple lighting. They might not be practical in every room of the house – such as in rooms where you need bright lighting – but they are great for accent lighting.