Game changing BBQ hacks that you need to know this summer

The sun’s shining, the temperatures are rising, and it feels like summer already. It’s time to grab that BBQ, get friends and family together, and test out these excellent hacks.

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Chill down your burger

No one wants an overdone burger, but it’s all too easy to end up with a charred crisp when that BBQ gets going. One great hack to keep temperatures at a desirable low is to add an ice cube into each patty as you make it. Proceed to grill, and you’ll find that the resulting meat is far more tender and moist.

Make a quirky centrepiece

Grab a watermelon, hollow out the flesh and reserve it for dessert or drinks. Then place some flowers in the melon rind for an impromptu vase that won’t smash if it topples!

Make your own ice cream

Commercial ice cream tends to be filled with sugar and additives, so make your own with coconut milk, fruit and raspberry food flavouring. Simply whizz it up in your high-speed blender and then freeze, remembering to stir periodically to prevent ice crystals from forming. Try products like

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Try this hack for a cleaner grill

This is a very strange tip, but it’s well worth a try. When cleaning your grill, simply grab half an onion, pop a fork in it and rub it over the hot grill. If your BBQ is wood-fired, throw the onion in there afterwards for a great smokey flavour. This vegetable has a natural disinfectant, so it will do the job of a commercial cleaning product naturally!

Use a muffin tin for condiments

Nothing spoils a table quicker than a dozen condiment bottles. Decant them into a muffin tin instead for pretty portion sizes that will look wonderful on your Instagram food feed. Return to the kitchen periodically to top up your essentials!

Try rosemary twigs

If you can find rosemary twigs, substitute them for regular wooden skewers and all your food will have a wonderful infused taste and aroma that adds something to meat, vegetables and fruit.

Add lemon to your fish

Real magic happens when you add slices of lemon to your fish fillets on the BBQ. Try it and see the difference; the combination of sharp citrus and woody BBQ smokiness is beyond heavenly!

What BBQ hacks would you share?