Home interior trends 2018

With 2018 underway and spring set to arrive any day now many homeowners are looking for the latest home interior trends so they can transform their rooms. We’ve brought together all the hottest ideas for home décor right now so you can pick and choose the styles and looks that will work for your rooms.

Go retro

Retro chic is all the rage at the moment. Plant-inspired patterns are particularly popular. Head back to the 1950s and take inspiration from designers such as Orla Kiely. Think over-sized simplistic leaves in a limited palette of bright, bold colours. These patterns work particularly well for wallpaper, curtains and duvet covers, but can also be found on lampshades and crockery. It’s a graphic look and works particularly well alongside earthenware and shaggy pile rugs.

Reflect on it

The latest trend in mirrors is to use several smaller ones and group them together, instead of one large one. If you’re working on the retro look then think CDs stuck to the wall. For a more modern take use mirror tiles and arrange them in a formal pattern.

If you go down to the woods

Bring nature indoors and take inspiration from woodland scenes. This can be applied to pretty much any furniture, fitting and furnishing in the house. Chairs and tables should be as natural as possible. Reclaimed wood or driftwood pieces are the ideal, but if you can’t afford to invest in new pieces strip current furniture back to the original material and then sand and paint white for a distressed look. Feature wallpaper of a forest scene creates a massive impact in a room and can be very relaxing and refreshing. Use leaf motifs throughout and look for coordinating accessories, such as chunky, rustic photo frames and ornamental mushrooms and pinecone candle holders.

Metallic marvel

Shiny metal objects are a key look for 2012. Think bright brass and copper for decorative ornaments like candle holders and vases. Just bear in mind that these pieces will have to be cleaned regularly as mucky fingerprints will detract from the clean, sophisticated look.

Say it with a mural

Murals and wall stickers are still a big trend. You can buy ready-made stickers for painted and tiled walls in all sorts of pre-cut shapes and sizes. Short phrases, such as “Home Sweet Home” or “Bless this mess” are firm favourites. You can even create your own with a roll of sticky vinyl – just cut it into shape or use a die-cutting machine for paper craft.

Mix it up

This year’s homes do not have to focus exclusively on a single finish and can combine textures. Kitchens do not have to be a single, standard material – mix it up with dark and light cabinets, contrasting flooring and a variety of surfaces.

Make accessorizing fun

Throughout your home, liven things up with some bright, bold accessories. Go for in-your-face towels and toothbrush holders in the bathroom, daring lampshades in the living room and splashes of intense color on cushions in the bedroom. Dare to be different with just a few bold elements to create a modern look that is not overpowering.