I do like to be beside the seaside – why it is great to live and work in Weymouth and Portland

Despite the recent financial turmoil of Brexit, in Weymouth and Portland at least business is booming. Tourists flock to this beautiful part of the country, for the great views and walks along the Jurassic coast path. The Jurassic coast itself attracts tourists due to its stunning beauty and unique historical treasures. Archaeologically, it is rich in treasures, dating back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. It is a precious window to a world before human life began. Fossils as rare and important as the ones found on the Jurassic coast attracts people from all over the world. Of course, the main business here is tourism, with the golden sandy beach of Weymouth drawing in a huge crowd over the summer months. The beach is a beautiful blue flag award winning beach, and with its shallow calm waters is perfect for families with children seeking a holiday.


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For local people, making a living here is mainly based around the influx of visitors during the summer month. From taxi-drivers to tearooms, the summer months certainly have a great effect on the business. But there are plenty of other businesses in Weymouth and Portland that are not really influenced by tourism. For example, Portland stone is one still one of the main businesses on Portland, as it has been for many years, employing many people in the area. Amongst this old quarry industry, new modern businesses such as Dorset web design company  https://www.xlcreative.design/  are thriving here, amongst the older industries. This is why this part of the country is doing well – unlike some seaside towns, who are mainly dependent on tourism, Weymouth and Portland are still more than that.


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The standard of living here is great too. Living by the seaside has long been believed to have health benefits, it certainly can’t be bad! Being able to pop down to the beach on a sunny day, walk along the sands for a moonlit stroll in the evening, and go for a wintery walk along the beach on Christmas Day if you fancy it! The surrounding countryside is beautiful as well, with walks along the Jurassic coastline, the magnificent Lulworth Castle and mysterious Moonfleet manor are also nearby. Of course the main perk of life in at the seaside must be the large amount of fish and chip shops to choose from!


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