It’s the Thought that Counts: Top 10 Gift Ideas for A Woman

Women sometimes are hard to understand. I agree with that, it’s just, that, well, we are women. This is where the idea comes in that different women mean different personalities and different ways to be understood. Understanding your woman’s personality might e the key to making you and your relationship click.

But then gifting ideas may not be for your girlfriend or your wife alone. You can make use of this for your moms, your sister, your friend or colleagues.

Why Gifts are Important

A gift well thought of and one that comes from the heart is something that will be etched forever with the person that you have given it too. Also, the gift may make occasions extra special.

Giving gifts to people means you remember dates. Dates are important for women; they are the more sentimental gender, as it marks the important occasions that is close to their hearts. It means you are thoughtful. It too would show care and love.

But don’t be crass in giving gifts. Do not do it for a show nor do it because you are pressured to do so. Gifts will lose its essence then. A gift well thought of can change a relationship dramatically or it may seal one forever.

Great Gift Ideas You Can Steal

I mean steal from this article, not from a shop. So okay, let’s start with it.

  1. A tough Camera. This can be good for somebody that is adventurous and is spirited.  A tough camera that can withstand sea, rain and the sun will be a gift like no other. Some women might not appreciate it but giving it to somebody whose personality goes for adventure, then you get a point for it.
  2. book or an eBook reader. This one is for those women who read books a lot. Sometimes for them, this may be much more important than any rings or diamonds. For books, try to know the genre that she likes best or better buy an eBook reader that will be customizable to the books she wants to read. Believe me, it will be a hit.
  3. A perfume. Women love perfumes. But, scents are the key thing here. Choosing scents would depend again on the person that you will be giving the perfume too. There are some who likes it musky, seductive, sweet, light or yummy. There are ranges of perfume scents and brands that will help you in choosing the right gift. Plus giving perfumes will remind you both every day of that special day as she always will wear it.
  4. A Cosmetic Clinic Gift Certificate. Okay, this one should be done in a cautious tone or effort. Do not ever give this to somebody who hasn’t given you a hint about it. This one can go on best for a family member but for a girlfriend or wife? Think twice. They may not like the surprise. But if you both have talked about it in the past, this may be one of the best gifts you can gift. You can opt for a specific treatment such as skin rejuvenation or liposuction or you can give a generic one. To read about more cosmetic gift ideas.
  5. A vacation trip. Women love vacations especially if it involves a white sand beach, warm sun, and fresh piña coladas. It would surely be so memorable plus you both get a tan too!
  6. Jewelry. Jewelry never goes out of style and sometimes one size fits all. It is also a thoughtful gift that lasts long. To make it more thoughtful, try to choose something that matches the woman you will be giving it too. Some women though may hate jewelries, I confess I’m one of those, earrings are my only accessories. SO watch out for weird women like me. And again, be careful on what you want to convey, if it’s only for a birthday gift and not anything else, do not give a ring, she may mistake it for an engagement ring or a way of asking her to marry you. You’re safe with bracelets.

Other things may include ingenious ideas such as billboard birthday cards, a thoughtful video flick, a website dedicated to her, a poem, etc. You chose. As long as you know her well, there is nothing wrong in choosing gifts, if you don’t then try to ask her friends. Do not hastily buy things too especially if they are expensive, choose well and think thrice!

Any gift ideas everyone?