Mitsubishi ASX DI-D 180: Hunting-Qashqai

You will think that to beat the Qashqai would be better missile the well-known engine DI-D of 150 HP, but I will show you otherwise. Sometimes, with less you can do more and this ASX that I have in my hands is the most advisable. Therefore, it is Mitsubishi’s best weapon to take part in the great cake that has long been eaten by the Qashqai. I will make two small comparisons: performance and price. I’ll start with the first one.

A couple of months ago I was able to test the fat version of the ASX diesel, the 150 hp block. I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the improvement in refinement. Gone are the years where Mitsubishi offered diesel engines with outdated technology, such as the TDI injector pump. This new, new and quiet engine has improved. Less surprising was his thrust, because he is in the line of his rivals.

Now comes the turn to examine its small version of 116 hp and the sensations are repeated … with a nuance. It is a block of technology that is just as modern (direct injection, common rail …), which maintains the refinement of the 150 hp DI-D and is very close in performance. This is the positive side. For example, in the acceleration 0-100 km / h it stays to 0, 6 seconds and in the recoveries of fifth speed almost there are no differences.

In short, it maintains the same acoustic comfort and is hardly relegated by performance. If I add that costs $ 2,500 less, do not you think that I am behind the wheel of the best rival of Qashqai? Because the economy gives me the reason, even more when I measure a meager consumption of 5.9 l / 100 km. It is the miracle of the set of measures named ClearTec, which includes Start-Stop system, low-rolling tires and electric steering.

In addition, it hides an ace in the sleeve to control more the consumption: it is front traction. A solution increasingly used in this segment and motivated by a mere question of demand: people do not ask for all-wheel drive; prefer the same model cheaper and less tragedy. I also preferred tires with more grip, because these low friction brakes that lengthen the braking distances too. A negative point in an SUV that balances less than its rivals and convinces me by the aplomb of the chassis.


Do not be fooled by the name of this ASX. It calls itself ‘180’, but it is actually a model with 116 hp … more than enough to move with force to the Japanese SUV. In fact, seeing the price difference with your older brother of 150 hp seems even more advisable. Mitsubishi presents a serious rival of the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage that you will see as you turn the page.