Numerology- Which is your lucky number?

Numerology we can explain by call it a system of predicts anyone’s future or can know about your life traits. The tools of Numerology are Numbers but they are taking as a precise science which can tell about your past or future. If we can more discussing about this numbers so they are in four core which are belong to every person and these numbers can be consider as the person’s lucky number which may play a positive part in his life.

If you may get an idea about your lucky number so you can manage many thing which are connected to your whole life. These numbers may become the representation of your good path in your life or may become the cause of big and happy moments in your life time. They are not the source of your instant profit or progress they are only give you the sign or show you the path of your happiness or prevent you from any problem which may be occur in your future they also indicate about the coming time when something could be happen, so you must be aware after know the truth. You lucky numbers may help you to indicate about time of your meet with a special person, get a job opportunity or even about your material or parental life. So this is a good thing to know about your lucky numbers.

Life path number: Have you ever think about which is your life path number? so we can give you the answer the first number from your four lucky numbers is your life path number which can give you brief idea about your past or present life. You may consider it as your most important lucky number while reading about your numerology.

This numbers not only tells about your past or personality but also indicate which path you can take to get more achievements.

You life path number can be generated by your date of birth. All numbers are including there that comes in your birth-date, month or year and then you may reduce to get a single digit number as your lucky number which can tell you about your life path.

Expression Number: From your four lucky numbers you may consider the second lucky number as your expression number. Expression may represent your skills and talents which you have in your insight. This number is also representing your baggage of your present life from your past lives. This number is calculated by the numbers which represent your whole name letters and then it may reduce to a single digit number.

Motivation Number: Third lucky number is your motivation number which representing your inner feeling what you have in your soul. This number is signifying your life’s goals or ambitions. The calculation is too simple for this lucky number you may adding the numbered value of you’re including vowels in your full name and then reduce it to a single digit number.

Birthday Number: This lucky number represents your hidden skills and will calculating like if you born with double digit birth date so reduce it to get a single digit number.