Put A Smile On Your Face

Many of us feel self-conscious about our smile for whatever reason. It could be that our front teeth are slightly wonky or have discoloured over time as a result of eating and drinking. This problem is probably the easiest to fix with effective teeth whitening treatments available at most dentists nowadays. Here are some of the benefits of having your teeth whitened in a professional setting:

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A Thorough Job

While there are whitening treatments that can be bought over the counter, these will never be as effective and long-lasting as having it done professionally. Over the counter products tend to have a one size fits all approach but of course, everybody’s teeth are different! Why risk an uneven result or an ineffective one when you can have your teeth whitened professionally, properly and evenly.


Using shop bought products could mean applying them for weeks or even months before getting the results you desire. Having your teeth treated at a dentist takes about an hour and the results are instant, providing several levels of higher brightness in one short sitting. For Cosmetic Dentistry in Leicester, visit http://www.sjrdental.co.uk/cosmetic-dentistry/


For obvious reasons, anything you buy to treat your own teeth won’t contain the levels of whitening agent that a dentist treatment contains. Professional strength whitening is only available to dentists and can contain up to 10 times the whitening agent of over the counter products. This professional strength agent will be far more effective at removing really stubborn stains and can even work through your tooth enamel.

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Trying something for yourself will never be entirely accurate and you run the risk of getting the agent on your lips and gums, which can be painful. Some people have also reported that their teeth feel painful and overly sensitive after treating themselves with shop bought whitening products. If you receive this treatment from a dentist, they will make sure you are wearing a protective cover over your gums and you’ll most likely receive information on a fluoride treatment to use afterwards to reduce any sensitivity.

Choose Your Shade

You have no control over the colour of your teeth when buying home whitening kits but a dentist will be able to show you what it looks like, giving you the opportunity to ask for the gel to be made a little brighter or not.


There may be reasons why your teeth are staining that a dentist can examine and identify. If there is a potential problem emanating from inside the tooth or evidence of tooth decay, then this can be treated rather than simply masking the issue by using a home whitening treatment.

Boost Your Confidence

Having your teeth whitened professionally gives you the peace of mind that you’re in safe hands and will achieve the results you’re hoping for. If you’ve been hiding your smile for a long time due to concerns over the stains on your teeth, then this treatment will bring your confidence flooding back, leaving you free to socialize again, go for that job promotion or just to feel better about yourself.