Sleeker Styles from a Professional Salon

It’s tempting to take short cuts when it comes to hair care, but visiting a professional salon is the best way to ensure your locks always look luscious. From the latest cutting and styling techniques to great advice about how to care for your hair, salons can offer so much more than just a basic cut and blow dry.

Sleeker Styles from a Professional Salon

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Healthy hair

Keeping your hair looking healthy begins with getting a decent cut. Professional hair stylists have all the tools and skills needed to help you make the most of your hair. If you have very fine flyaway hair, they will be able to layer it in order to help it look fuller. Alternatively should your hair be very thick they can thin it with a razor to make it more manageable. Once you have a good cut in place, maintaining your style will be much easier. Regular trims will help prevent split ends that make your hair look coarse, as well as keep your style looking sharp. Once you have had your hair cut, watch how the stylist blow dries it so you can copy the technique at home and replicate that freshly-styled hair effect.

New directions

Many people keep the same hairstyle for the majority of their adult life, with the idea of trying something new simply unthinkable. If this cut is flattering and easy to maintain, that is a bonus. However, sometimes a change in style can be a good thing. Salon professionals are experienced at assessing factors such as face shape and may be able to suggest a new style you would not have thought of but which would really suit you. You might even decide to change your look completely with some professionally fitted hair extensions.

Creative colouring

Having your hair professionally coloured at a salon can make a huge difference to the end result. Unlike using an off-the-shelf home colouring kit, a colour specialist can carefully combine a number of shades in order to create precisely the correct one for you. This bespoke approach ensures the final colour is the one most flattering for your skin shade. If you are making a drastic change to your hair colour, then it may be necessary for existing pigments to be removed before attempting a new shade. One of the hottest trends this season is for so-called “granny hair”, where people of all ages are embracing many shades of grey. Colouring your hair grey or silver can look extremely striking but there is no doubt that such a dramatic effect is best handled by an expert. The ombre or dip-dye trend is still very popular, with salon professionals more easily able to achieve a graduated look rather than two-tone colour blocks. If you should have a home hair colouring disaster, a salon will also be able to rectify the damage more easily than you would be able to yourself.

Whether you are looking for a sleek, low-maintenance cut, need inspiration for a new style or even feel like trying a bold new colour, visiting a professional hair salon is definitely the best place to start.

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