So many drinks for you to try

Party planning season is almost upon us with many businesses looking at their options for the staff Christmas party. Now I would always go for an office do with Mobile Bar Hire Gloucestershire firm called in to sort out the drinks in style and some catered food on the side.

If you are thinking of something similar, then why not take a look at the top cocktails and mocktails that you could have the Mobile Bar Hire Gloucestershire firm create for you.

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  • Daiquiri – is a popular cocktail drink particularly in the summer as the citrus flavours mix incredibly well with the rum and lime. The ingredients are placed into a cocktail shaker, sugar stirred in, ice added and then it is shaken well and served in a cocktail glass.
  • Manhattan – the quality of the Whisky that you use will determine the taste of this popular drink. Ingredients include bourbon or rye and sweet vermouth. The ingredients are stirred not shaken and then served with a cherry.
  • Whiskey Sour – unsurprisingly the alcoholic component of this drink is Whiskey usually bourbon. Also included is lemon juice and sugar. Served after being shaken with a slice of lemon this drink is a popular after meal drink for cleansing the palate.
  • Dry Martini – A traditional martini is made with gin but if you prefer vodka that’s ok. Unlike good old James Bond this drink is traditionally stirred with ice and served in a cocktail glass with an olive.
  • Margarita – probably one f the most popular drinks in the summer and is made with tequila and a dash of Cointreau. Lime juice is also added and salt (coarse) placed around the edge of the glass.

If you are looking for an alcohol-free version then here are some of the top mocktails being drink this year.

  • Mockmosa – as the name would suggest this is an alcohol free version of the mimosa where sparling grape juice is used instead of the apple cider. It is an incredibly refreshing drink and enjoyed throughout summer and autumn.
  • Nojito – linked to the alcoholic Mojito this drink does not contain the rum.
  • Virgin Mary – A Bloody Mary but without the vodka

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A quick google search and you can find all sorts of non-alcoholic versions of your favourite cocktails along with some new recipes like the Blue Shoe which is a vivid blue drink that is made with a  blue fruit punch and cranberry juice.