The Advantages in having AMS provided by SAP

Application Management Services (AMS) of the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) is an optional service. SAP offers HEC to host and manage SAP HANA solutions which is achieved through detailed project plans consequently to initial detailed Assessment. It leads to successful and agile Onboarding and Migration.

Detailed description

SAP Hana AMS allows the enterprise to let SAP manage the applications after they are deployed in HEC. This can be an end-to-end service enabling SAP to take over SAP basis administration, planning, and rollout of new application functionality and testing and development services. This allows SAP to manage their entire set of offerings in an integrated way on HEC and helps faster adoption of the innovative technologies and thereby reducing the time-to-value proposition for its customers. This makes for the Software as a Service (SaaS) offering of the entire value chain.

The monthly subscription fee for HEC includes Infrastructure, OS and HANA database management. The AMS portion is optional and without AMS offer the customer needs appropriate resources to manage and support the application from the go-live stage. A few customers may want SAP to handle and manage the entire end-to-end system and solutions.

While opting for SAP HEC, the customer has the benefit of a software delivery model, in which the SAP AMS team has the advantage of the knowledge; on the specifics of the customer’s implementation. Thus it is easier and most effective in taking over all the required responsibilities for the end to end application.  The advantages of seamless execution enjoyed right up to the go-live moment, can be further leveraged by having a well-versed partner who supports the functional and technical aspects of the unique solution of the customer. This, in a way; guarantees maximum support as spelled out in the SLA’s.

Advantages of Brief

To summarize the advantages of the SAP Hana AMS, these are mentioned in brief;

  • Access to the latest SAP expertise
  • Tailor-made solutions which are flexible
  • Scalability to handle big data and expanding operation
  • Single source ensures economies and speed of operations
  • Smooth pay-as-you-go subscription fees
  • Service Level Agreement can be comprehensive and tight
  • Reliability that can only come from SAP
  • Eliminates maintaining  specialized human resources thus making for a lean enterprise

Thus SAP Hana AMS provides a unique edge and competitive advantage, which is unmatched and extremely competitive when it comes to cost. There can’t be anything better than this.