The Evolving Role of Clinical Trial Data Sharing

Clinical trial data sharing is a vital part of medical research in that it opens up research to different medical practitioners and helps the research field grow. Sharing data among researchers, patients and clinical trial companies helps science, because the results of trials are more freely available across the board.

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Historical Lack of Shared Data

Developing new medicines is a time-consuming and costly business. The clinical companies have had problems sharing data in the past, which has created a further obstacle to researching and producing new drugs. This has been because some companies have not wanted to share their data, and even those that do want to share can find the process is not straight forward. Also, much data that is available has not been used effectively.

Recently, there has been a small breakthrough in the data sharing of medical research. Science will benefit enormously if data can be shared, as it will inform future research and save a lot of time, effort and money. This means that drugs can be developed more quickly and help patients sooner rather than later.

Patient Support for Data Sharing

In recent years, patients have also grown more vocal in their support for data sharing. If the patient is happy for their data to be shared with other medical professionals, then it seems natural that this wish should be respected as it can only benefit others. For example, in Parkinson’s disease there is no cure of lasting effective treatment, so data sharing will enable the largest possible pool of research data to work from and encourage ground-breaking new research.

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Pharmacology companies such as Richmond Pharmacology, whose details can be found at, are pressing forward with clinical research in the hope of breaking new ground. With data sharing, clinics such as this one would be much more likely to discover new treatments for all kinds of conditions.

Data sharing is the way forward for more effective research into new drugs and treatments. Many people and companies in influential positions have spoken out recently in support of sharing medical data, such as the FDA, former Vice President Joe Biden and the international committee of medical journal editors. It will take a strongly collaborative approach to make sure data sharing becomes the accepted new norm in the clinical research world.