The Joys of Student Digs

Moving into student accommodation for the first time? You’re in for an exciting time, but don’t expect it to be all plain-sailing! There are some aspects of sharing accommodation that might take a bit of getting used to. Here are just a few:

Sharing a bathroom

If you have an en suite, then brilliant, but if not, then you might have to get used to sharing a bathroom with people unrelated to you. You can get on with everyone like a house on fire but when it comes to bathroom habits, people can get a bit grumpy. It’s a good idea to carry your toiletries in a portable bag and don’t leave them unattended unless you’re happy for people to either use your deodorant or toothbrush! Have a handy pair of shower shoes or flip flops to stick on and carry a towel with you – don’t leave it wet and on the floor!

Beware the fridge raiders

It can and will happen at some point. Someone will get the munchies at 2am and polish off your brand-new tub of peanut butter or drink all your freshly bought milk. Shared cupboards and fridges are prone to hungry thieves who forgot to do their grocery shopping. No student can afford to buy groceries, only to have them scoffed by their housemates. Why not consider a mini-fridge in your room for essentials like milk and butter? Or at least clearly label everything that belongs to you in the fridge for starters. For top quality Gloucester student accommodation, visit

Noisy neighbours

Remember that when young people come together, there will be noise. We all have different sleeping patterns, different taste in music and at some point, these will clash. You could invest in some ear plugs, decide to join the party as you’re not going to get any sleep anyway, or play your music even louder!! Depending on your type of accommodation, there might even be some house rules about noise after certain hours, so be sure o check before you invest in some massive speakers.

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Some students stick around as they have jobs, or the commute home is a bit far for every weekend. However, even more students disappear every weekend back home to catch up on sleep, get their laundry done and eat three square meals a day for a couple of days. Things can get decidedly quiet during the weekend, but it’s a great time to get any assignments done.