The wonders of Cheltenham Town Hall

Cheltenham Town Hall is one of the most visited sites in Cheltenham and is within walking distance of many other attractions and the town centre. It regularly draws in visitors each year and many people look for property in the area too. If you are looking for a place to rent then take a look at who are Letting Agents Cheltenham as they will be able to help you. Unlike many town halls it is a public venue rather than being the location in which the borough council operates from. In Cheltenham the council works from nearby municipal offices.

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The Town Hall was built between 1902 and 1903 as a public assembly rooms where social gatherings and events could take place. This new building replaced the old Assembly Rooms which were located in the High Street, when this building was knocked down to make way for a bank to be built.

The site for the new building was chosen as a part of the Imperial Square constructions with the town hall being designed by Frederick Waller who was a Gloucester based architect and was built by Collins and Godfrey who were based in Cheltenham. The building and decorating costs totaled £45,000 which would have been an incredible amount of money back in the early part of the 20th Century. The building was formally opened by Sir Michael Beach who was an MP and an ex Chancellor of the Exchequer, on the 5th December 1903.

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The main hall has a capacity of 1,000 people and measures around 28 metres by 16 metres. The corinthian columns and coved ceiling add some delicate but impressive decoration to the room and are spectacular to see. As well as the main hall there are a number of smaller rooms and immediately to the left of the entrance lobby the Central spa can be found. This gives waters from the pumps rooms across the whole of Cheltenham Spa.

Some of the decorative items were added after the main building works and these include the statues of Edward VII and George V that were added in 1916. These were both gifted to the town hall, one from Mr Whittaker and the other from the sculptors themselves – Messrs Boulton & Sons. The Organ was also a gift to the hall from Mr and Mrs Burrow. It was installed in 1928.

The town hall is a popular venue for people attending a variety of event such as wedding fairs, the Cheltenham Festival of Music and Dance along with a number of exhibitions, conferences and concerts and shows that are held at the venue each year. It is also one of the main location for the extremely popular Cheltenham Festival events.