Tips for using the gym as a beginner

If you’re new to gym membership, then don’t fear and bravely step forward into your new world of feeling better and stronger, mentally and physically. If you’re finding it tough to drag yourself to the gym in the cold and dark of winter, here are some motivating tips to help you get going:

Have confidence

Before hitting the gym, remember that the most important thing to feel is confidence and to feel proud. Whether you are a seasoned fitness junkie or a complete newbie, everyone who goes to the gym should feel proud for making the effort and commitment. Never feel you don’t belong or feel intimidated, and if ever unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

Keep strong

It’s often the case that gym beginners head straight for the treadmills and cycles because these are the most familiar pieces of equipment that are easy for all abilities. However, it’s important not to get stuck in a rut and only do cardio training. Strength training shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re unsure where to start, speak to one of the trainers and remember that bodyweight exercises can be just as effective for strength training.

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Work up a sweat

It’s important to work up a sweat, and if you’re not sweating by the end of a workout then it could be that you’re not pushing yourself as hard as you should be. It’s easy to incorporate short periods of high intensity exercise into a workout, such as burpees, a quick sprint, jumping jacks or squats. For a Gym Dublin, visit a site like

Ask questions

Don’t avoid machinery or exercises because you don’t know how to use them or do them. If you find it difficult to approach gym staff, there is a wealth of information available online, from hints and tips to full video demos on techniques and machine-use. Alternatively, work with a certified trainer to perfect your techniques.

Try to be realistic

Whether you’re heading to the gym to gain muscle, lose weight, improve flexibility or strengthen your endurance, remember that such goals are long-term and are not achievable overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be realistic about goals that you set otherwise you could find yourself losing motivation. Try to focus initially on monthly and not weekly goals.

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Proper rest

Rest is incredibly important after a workout. It’s wise to look at lifestyle changes such as making sure you get 8 hours of sleep a night, taking at least one day off from the gym a week and this way you’ll be allowing your body time to recover and heal properly. This helps to prevent injury which can stop you from exercising altogether. It will also mean you’re fit, fresh and ready to take on the next workout!