Top gifts for the feminist in your life

On the surface, it has not been a great year for feminism, and this throws a harsh light of the gifts we buy for the women in our lives. Although a new food processor might be needed, should it really be a present? If kitchen tools are out, what about perfume? Thankfully, there are some gifts that will still be loved and not highlight your favourite feminist’s sense of the inequality in the world. Here’s a list of our favourites.

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1. Wine… or any alcohol

While this may seem a little like putting a band-aid on the wound, wine makes a great feminist gift. For many years, women’s access to alcohol was heavily controlled and criticised, from bars that did not allow unaccompanied women inside to upper-class men mixing her wine with water at the table. A bottle might not be such a bad idea.

2. Fem-inspiration

From classic Carly Simon CDs to tea towels printed with feminist speeches, there is a wide range of gifts out there that are both loved and practical and give a passing nod to the great women of the world.

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3. Work aids

What we give as presents says a lot about what we think a person’s primary purpose is. Skip the cheap lingerie and get her a lap tray with cushion instead. These are great for using to support her laptop for writing that new empowering novel or Haiku while watching Strictly Come Dancing at the same time. Go one step further by checking out the personalised options at

4. Online courses gift certificate

The worst thing about self-care gift products for women is that they either align with the dominant ideas about how a woman should take care of herself (manicure, anyone?) or they expect her to overcome the childcare issues that prevented her from doing what she intended to do in the first place. However, a wide range of universities now offer flexible online learning that anyone can attend, and the only thing standing in the way is the cost.

5. Provocative jewelry

Last but not least, have you seen those necklace charms that feature a certain part of female anatomy? Be warned: that’s not the coffee bean necklace your mother wore.