Ways to accept credit card payments

Credit and debit cards have because very popular today because they are convenient, flexible and safe to use. Most people prefer to carry their cards rather than large amounts of cash when shopping. This is one of the reasons why credit cards are very important to businesses today. You should consider expanding your business to accepting credit card payments. Whether you have a small business, online or offline business, credit card payments are the most popular among consumers. Using cards also encourages impulse buying, which can benefit your business greatly.

You can accept credit card payments for your business through the following ways:

Accepting cards at your business premises

This is the easiest way to accept credit cards. The merchant service provider will give you a card-processing machine that is already programmed on where to direct funds and deduct the payment processing fees automatically. All you have to do is insert the card and all the information your need will be displayed on your computer screen. If the card is expired or maxed out, the transaction will fail and you can request the customer for another card.

Accepting cards online

Extending your business online is one of the best business decisions you can ever make. The internet has become a one-stop shop for all kinds of products and services. So many people are connected through laptops, computers and mobile devices. Putting up credit card payment systems online is very convenient for you and your customer.

  • Credit card payments appeals to impulse buyers who happen to come across your website.
  • International customers who can access your website can purchase products that do not have to require shipping such as eBooks and other online services through credit card payments using internationally accepted cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

You can either accept payments online using your own merchant accounts or third party merchants. To accept payments using your own merchant account, you need to open a merchant account with a bank; alternatively, you can use third party companies and pay for payment gateways. Setting up an account with a third-party company is cheaper than opening your own merchant account. This solution is ideal for small businesses that are just starting out. Once you concentrate enough customers and establish your business better, you can set up your own account and reduce merchant service costs.

Accepting cards over the phone

You can manually input credit card information as received over the phone to accept payment. Swiping the card allows you to transfer all this information electronically but when you cannot, you can request the customer to give you the information over the phone to enter into the credit card processing provider. The information you need to enter include:

  • Type of credit card: Visa, MasterCard or Amex
  • Card Number
  • Card expiration date
  • Zip code and Security code

You can also ask for the address, date of birth or driver’s license number of the client for future records in case you are dealing with customers you have not met before.


Juelz Rodriguez is a credit card merchant service provider who has worked with various small and medium sized business online and offline. Go to http://pymntadvisors.com and find out more about how you can use credit cards for your business.