What are the most cost effective ways to watch films today?

How will you watch the next blockbuster film? A trip to the cinema or DVD rental store is no longer necessary; watching new films has changed beyond recognition. With different providers eager to attract your custom, choosing the right method can be challenging.

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Streaming Options

Most of us won’t need to leave the comfort of our own homes to watch a film. You need to consider home automation options when deciding which streaming option to choose. For example, most streaming subscription services will require you to have an up-to-date smart TV with the appropriate HDMI outputs to allow for devices to be plugged in such as Amazon Prime, TalkTalk TV and NOW TV. Google’s Chromecast can be plugged into a TV to allow you to stream from your tablet to your TV, enabling you to access services that are internet-based only.

Subscription services

Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV are box-top subscription services that will offer films as part of their packages. You pay a monthly fee that is generally between £5.99 and £12 for access to TV shows and films. Netflix offers films but not anything that is recently released. Amazon will give you the option to purchase or rent a recently released film, which you pay for on top of the subscription fee. NOW TV will give you the option to view recent films for a set monthly price in their movies subscription (£9.99).

Whether you are using a streaming or subscription service, you need to choose a home entertainment system that will support the technology required. Many retailers, such as https://digitalinteriors.co.uk/, will offer advice on compatible TVs.

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Pay as you watch

There are ways to watch new releases without entering a contract with a provider. Google Play rentals can be viewed on a variety of devices including some smart TVs and through subscription providers such as TalkTalk TV. iTunes rentals can be viewed on Apple devices, whilst Wuaki TV rentals can be viewed on TalkTalk TV boxes. Prices will vary according to the service providers, but the content will be current and competitive.

Satellite and digital TV providers such as Sky and Virgin will offer a rental service on top of their standard subscription to facilitate access to newly released films in this ever-competitive sector.