What is Designer Clothing?

A designer label is found on a piece of clothing made by well-known fashion designers. Every item bearing the logo of a designer or fashion house can be considered ‘designer’. Of course, over the years, the original designer has often died, and the brand continued to be manufactured under license.

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Designer jeans are different from the normal high street jeans, with higher quality fabric used for quality, durability, design details and washability. Rivets, seams and other finishing methods also make designer jeans that bit more special in their appearance and add to the price tag. For a range of Mens Calvin Klein Clothes, visit https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/calvin-klein.html

Why are designer labels important?

To display clothing or items with a leading brand name allegedly associates the buyer with the same wealth, success and taste as that brand image. It is an association of success and quality. The label comes from Medieval times when metal was hallmarked to guarantee the quality and origin. In the 18th century, pottery and ceramics makers printed their name onto their pieces and after industrialization, when goods become more mass-produced and shipped globally, manufacturers stamped their name on everything.

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Aside from being a form of expression, clothing is also a status symbol. Wearing designer labels say more about you than just where you shop, it shows the level of your income, your style is sophisticated tastes and whether you are smart or funky. Many argue that the goods are more expensive because they are better made and offer the luxury of greater durability making them a good investment in comfort and confidence.