What to do if your premises have been broken into

One of the most devastating things for a business owner is finding that someone has broken into your premises. Business robberies can make you feel vulnerable, angry and confused. There are steps you can take, but sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop someone breaking in. Here is what to do if you are in this situation.

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Check on your employees

If employees were in the building when the robbery occurred, make sure they are OK. If they have injuries, ensure they get the right treatment. Robberies can cause significant psychological distress, so consider allowing your employees some time off to recover.

Phone the police

You should call the police as soon as you have verified that your employees are OK. Try not to touch anything, as disturbing the crime scene can result in lost evidence. Wait until the police have finished before assessing the damage and losses caused during the robbery. You will be given a case number, which you will need to keep safe for insurance purposes. It is then time to consider how to keep your building safe in the short term and take action to increase long-term security.

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Contact professionals

You will need to protect your property after the robbery. If you don’t, it is likely that more break-ins will occur; however, you should prioritise getting your property boarded until the professionals can fix your window or door. The boarding will prevent any more break-ins until you can arrange for emergency glaziers Leicester to fix it permanently.

Check for missing goods

Wait until the police have left to check for any stolen goods. Write down everything that is missing, as you will need to inform your insurance company. You should also consider any important information that may have been stolen and contact your bank, customers and clients as appropriate.

Fix everything you can

Now you will need to fix your windows by contacting emergency glaziers Leicester. A reputable company such as Emergency Glaziers Leicester N and U glass will be able to fix your glass without having to replace the frames. You should also repair items within your premises if you can.

Improve your security

Finally, think about getting better quality glazing or reviewing whether your security alarm is effective enough.