Where, oh where, should I put my boiler

When it comes to relocating your boiler or perhaps upgrading to a new one it can be difficult to decide on where the best place is to put it. A Boiler repair Cheltenham company like http://www.combi-man.com/ will be able to help you out with any issues that you have with your boiler and also suggest the best place to relocate it, taking into account any legal requirements as well as your preferences.  Each boiler has its own requirements as to where it can and cannot be placed and how far it needs to be away from any doors and windows that are in the area.

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The most common places to have a boiler is in the kitchen, bathroom or a utility room. This is because they need to be placed against an outside wall due to the need for a discharge pipe to carry away any condensation from the boiler directly to the outside of the property. You also want to ensure that it is a good distance away from doors and windows (the exact distance will be determined by the make of boiler that you choose). You should also ensure that you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in the room where your boiler is located as well as one in your kitchen. During your annual boiler service, you will find that your carbon monoxide alarm is usually tested. You can also test this yourself by pressing the test button.

In older properties it is common to find the boiler in a bedroom, usually encased in a cupboard. The noise from the older boilers could disturb young children and is why this is not a popular choice of location nowadays, although the newer boiler models are much quieter. One way to help reduce the noise level of any boiler is to have it encased in a specially designed cupboard. It is important to ensure that there is air flow into this cupboard to prevent problems occurring with your boiler.

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One other option is to have your boiler installed in our loft but for this you would have to have boards on the floor as well as a strong wall space to hold the boiler and adequate ventilation. You should never try to install your own boiler, especially in a loft space and should always use the help of a professional boiler fitting company.