Workplace Germs

Why is it that when one person comes to work unwell, it doesn’t take long before the whole office has come down with the same bug? Even though we know we should stay at home when we’re ill, but if you’ve got a mean boss, too much previous sickness or deadlines to meet, chances are we’ll struggle in anyway. Work just so happens to be the perfect storm for bacteria and viruses.

Germs spread like wildfire through an office because it’s such an enclosed space with many people sharing the same facilities. Infections that spread quickly include E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, norovirus, flu and colds.

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These pesky micro-organisms move around when we do, making us host carriers until we transfer the germs onto the next unsuspecting person. All you need to do is touch a door handle!

Telephones are among some of the most contaminated office equipment, with many thousands of organisms per surface. Other items traditionally kept on peoples’ desks can be seven times more contaminated than the seat of a toilet! That’s because people pay attention to cleaning toilets but not other items. Those of you who hot desk or share equipment are even more vulnerable to being infected by other people’s germs.

If you do need to hot desk or share a telephone, use a pack of antibacterial wipes to give surfaces a quick wipe down before using them. A quick wipe over of a telephone could save you a few days off work sick.

Regular, thorough cleaning and sanitising can help prevent the transmission of bugs in the workplace. If you don’t already have a reliable Cheltenham Office Cleaning company servicing your offices, it’s definitely time to get one. For more information, contact Cheltenham Office Cleaning company Intocleaning.

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Many people fall into the habit of skipping lunch and eating at their desk to save time. Whether you hot desk or not, you should use a hand sanitiser or wash your hands before eating and not eat over the keyboard or it will collect crumbs. Always place your rubbish in the bin and don’t leave it lying around on the desk.

How many times have you caught yourself chewing the end of a pen? This is a habit you’ll want to break when you realise you could ingesting the viruses and bacteria left from someone else handling or chewing on the same pen. Need to borrow a pen? Give a quick discreet wipe down with an antibacterial wipe.

Another area that could be rampant in bacteria is the office fridge. Not only is everyone reaching for the handle but there could be food past its use by date, cross-contamination and even mouldy items lurking at the back. Take extra care over anything exposed in a shared fridge. Sandwiches and salads should be kept below 5 degrees C.