You still need to wear SPF in winter. Here’s why.

As the seasons change, so do our skincare routines. The cold harsh weather makes us run for the thick body lotions, hydrating face masks and super-strength lip balm, whereas during the warmer months, we prefer lighter moisturisers and UV protection products. UV damage does not only occur in the summer, so why do we not protect ourselves all year long? It is extremely important that you have a thorough daily sun protection routine regardless of the season. Here are just a few reasons why.

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UV rays can penetrate through the cloud barrier.

Just because it’s a cold and cloudy day does not mean that you are not being exposed to UV rays. Even in the height of winter, you can still be subjected to strong UV rays that can cause signs of aging and skin cancer. Your exposure to UV rays increases as you move higher above sea level, so if you are planning a ski trip, make sure you take high SPF products to reduce the damage caused to your skin.

Melanomas of the scalp and neck account for 6 per cent of all melanomas.

The Skin Cancer Foundation published findings that melanomas found on the neck and scalp are to blame for a tenth of all melanoma deaths.

These are areas that are typically neglected when applying sun protection. With stronger awareness and a better daily skincare routine, you can ensure adequate protection from damaging UV rays.

Skin becomes more sensitive after prolonged sun exposure.

Everyone knows how painful sunburn is, but have you ever stopped to think about the longer-term effects? If you have sensitive skin, you should be cleansing and preparing your skin and then using at least factor 25+ moisturiser as part of your daily routine. Refresh your skincare routine with a product like the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set ( and start a good habit.

If reducing the chances of skin cancer was not enough motivation for you, simply wearing sun protection products reduces the amount of stress on the skin. By protecting your skin from UV stress, you can slow the aging process by as much as 24 per cent!

Protect yourself from cancer and look great doing it by making sure your daily skincare routine includes UV protection by using high SPF moisturisers.