Reasons for having a CCTV drain survey

Drain problems can be a real pain in the proverbial. No homeowner likes to see drains backing up and smelling bad. Many issues occur deep inside pipes that aren’t easy to identify or even see for a professional. This is why many choose to have an inspection carried out using a survey done with CCTV.

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What is involved?

When you hire a professional to complete a drain survey with cameras, they will mount a camera onto a long cable which is thin enough to be inserted down the drain and into the network of pipes. A signal is sent from the camera and it travels up through the cable to a monitor. The professional can then view where the problem lies and work out how best to deal with getting rid of any blockage. For more details on CCTV Surveys Cheltenham, visit Drainawayenviro

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What are the benefits?

The major advantage of a drain survey with CCTV is that there will be the least amount of intrusion. There is no digging required, it is simply a case of winding a cable down. As no disruption needs to take place, there is no concern over interrupting your home or business.

A camera view ensures that nothing can go unnoticed and the process of identifying problems is fast and efficient. The footage can be taken away and professionals can then decide on the best course of action.

To conclude, a CCTV drain examination is the ideal way to locate a possible problem and to come up with the best solution for tackling the blockage.